Treatment in the Netherlands, Hungary or Turkey

The dental treatment is done at our clinic in Berg and Terblijt (Netherlands) and following the request of the patients care can be done in Hungary (Budapest) or Turkey (Antalya). You can read additional information by following link “Treatment abroad”.

Make first contact:

You can call us or send an email. One of our administrative staff will contact you as soon as possible and propose you an initial appointment in our clinic in the Netherlands (Maastricht) to get the extended diagnosis. You will have different proposals for treatments.

First visit

Your first visit: appointment, research and diagnosis

In order to help you prepare for the appointment with the dentist, we have added a page on the site, called “Tips for patients”, where you can read additional information.
During your first visit, the dentist will determine the nature of the problem or complaint and discuss the variants of treatment.

Then you will proceed to the following steps:

  • Anamnesis: You complete a health questionnaire, adding information about your dietary habits, hygienic that you will present to the dentist.
  • Request for Care: The dentist will ask you about your complaints.
  • Extraoral examination: This examination is needed to check if you do not have any deviations (hematomas, tumors, piercings etc.)
  • Intraoral examination: it is used to specify the current state of your teeth.
  • Diagnosis: At the end of the extended examinations, the results of the studies are noted and discussed with the patient.
  • X-rays (oral or panoramic): to examine the condition of the roots and jaw bone, the X-rays may be needed. The consent of the patient is obligatory, before proceeding to the procedure.
  • Alternative solutions: the dentist will discuss with you the possible treatment, indicating alternative treatment options. From each possible treatment, the advantages and disadvantages, risks, costs and prognosis will be mentioned.
  • Quotation and treatment plan: treatment, as well as alternative treatment solutions are discussed and prepared in your presence. At the end of your visit you will receive the report that you can bring home.

Time to think:

Take all the time you need to choose your treatment. You are free to contact another dentist for a second opinion of your situation. You may even decide to continue care with another clinic.


Consent for treatment:

If you want to pass the treatment at our clinic, we ask you to indicate the choice of your treatment plan proposed by the dentist. Your consent is obligatory, so that you can start the process of treatment.

Dental treatment planning:

The different phases as well as the duration of treatment are discussed so that you know what will happen during each treatment period. Then, it will be possible to start the preparatory treatment or real treatment.

Aftertreatment care

Aftertreatment care:

  • After finishing the complete treatment, you are offered a treatment maintenance program. Like every company, we offer a general maintenance program, control visits after 1, 3, and 6 months. When the program is finished, we ask for periodic inspection visits (1-2 times a year).
  • Good oral hygiene, keeping the dentist’s advice as well as periodic check-ups are the basis of your health and long-term treatment results. This is how our specialists can identify the problem and provide timely patient assistance.
  • Among the factors that help keep gums in a good condition, we can emphasize these two: It’s not to smoke and avoid stress.