Treatment abroad

Dental treatment in Turkey (Antalya) and Hungary (Budapest)


Dental Voyages can offer you dental treatment in one of our partner clinics in Turkey, Antalya or in Hungary, Budapest. At these two places prices are up to 70% cheaper than in the Netherlands. You do not need to wait long for your visit, our friendly assistants will help you with visa. All you have to do – wait for dates of your Turkish holidays in Antalya or in Hungary, Budapest!


However, there are some things you should consider when you go abroad:

  • You take care of your trip yourself, you can book it at a travel agency of your choice.
  • Dentists from partner clinics abroad do not speak English. All the information you will receive from a multilingual translator.
  • Dental clinics abroad are subject to the policy of the country in which they are located. Including methods of work, hygiene and sterilization, classification of materials and records.
  • You are the only person responsible for your medical file and you must provide all information to the dentist.
  • On the day of the visit, the dentist abroad can re-examine your tooth and give you another treatment plan. That way, he can change or simplify the treatment established in the Netherlands.
  • Treatment results are different for each patient. In case of complications, the dentist may ask you to extend the stay or make another trip soon.
  • The guarantee is valid only abroad, at clinic where you performed the treatment. You can not ask the dentist in the clinic in the Netherlands to be responsible for the care of one of our partner clinics.
  • If you have a health insurance or a complementary, ask your insurance agent in advance about the conditions of reimbursement of care abroad and the terms of the declaration of the file.

The dental clinic Dental Voyages, is a mediator of treatment abroad who acts at the request of patient. The clinic is not responsible for the treatment done by dentists abroad.