Tips for patients

Please check our advice for patients before make an appointment
at the dental clinic

We hope that this list of tips will be helpful for our current and future patients to prepare for an interview with the dentist.

Before the first conversation:

  • Specify the purpose of your conversation with the dentist
  • Make sure you have all the questions you want to discuss with the dentist
  • Prepare the questions you want to ask
  • If you take the medications, please specify it during the interview
  • Check if you have medical insurance.

Information which patient will receive

Make sure you get information about the dentist’s diagnosis such as:

  • the examination and treatment that dentist offers you
  • treatment plan
  • consequences and risks of treatment
  • possible alternative treatment and its consequences and risks
  • advice to follow before the examination or treatment
  • the duration of diagnosis or treatment
  • the list of medications (painkillers) you will need and their side effects
  • the prognosis of the treatment
  • make sure you understand the cost of treatment
  • note which actions will be difficult to do and how you feel after the treatment
  • what will happen if you do not do the treatment.
Consultation with a doctor

Permission before treatment

  • Check if you have made all the necessary inquiries with your insurance company in order to get a refund for your dental care
  • Remember that the payment for each treatment step is made the day of your visit
  • Make sure you have taken enough time to think about the proposed treatment options
  • Make the decision if you want to start treatment and inform the dentist.