Root canal treatment



– 1 canal, €65,-
– 2 canal, €75,-
– 3 canal, €100,-
– 4 canal, €110,-


– 1 canal, €190,-
– 2 canal, €210,-
– 3 canal, €240,-
– 4 canal, €280,-
Root canal treatment
Dental root canal treatment

The human tooth is composed of a dental crown, visible in the mouth as well as the root, located in the bone of the jaw. Each tooth root contains a system of blood vessels, lymphatics and nerves that feed the inner cells of each tooth. When the tooth is inflamed or infected, the dentist can treat the root canal, named devitalization. This procedure involves removing the nerve from each channel of the tooth with the aim to save it.

What is the procedure of the root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment

The root canal treatment is a delicate procedure that is intended to remove the inflamed pulp from the patient’s tooth. The dentist performs the procedure under local anesthesia. Then, the he opens the crown of the tooth to reach the dental pulp and carefully cleans the canal (or channels) of the tooth, widening them, cleaning and disinfecting them. During the procedure, the specialist can take a few shots of apical radios to control the treatment. The next step is to determine the length of the channels and seal them to prevent a new infection. At the end of the treatment, the dentist proceeds to the laying of a filling, or a crown to rebuild the tooth. Sometimes, to strengthen the root, the pose of a pivot is advised.
After the root canal treatment, each patient can feel the transient pain from a few hours to a few days. To suppress painful feelings, the patient can take the painkillers. If the pain becomes worse, the patient must return to the clinic for control.