Privacy regulation, quality and guarantee

From May 25th 2018 The General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) is in force. From this date the privacy legislation is valid in the European Union (EU). Previous ​​Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp) is not valid anymore.

Dental practice Dental Voyages did the best to conform about this data to all rules.

Privacy regulation

Here you can peruse our privacy regulation (open PDF).

Form about AVG privacy legislation

If you choose our practice for your treatment, then we need your explicit permission to be allowed to process your data in our patient system. We will ask you for signing this Privacy Regulation during your first visit to our practice.

What can we offer you?

Our priority is to provide quality care to our patients. In order to optimize the quality of care, monitor and optimize it, we have created a quality and guarantee policy of our company.

  • Our dental office meets European standards, follows modern demands and accessible to all patient groups;
  • Patients are treated by experienced dentists, who affiliated with the Dutch KRT Quality Register.
  • Our specialists optimize their knowledge and skills through training courses;
  • Our dentists have the certificate of 5 A / M radiology experts;
  • Our dentists speak Dutch and are registered in BIG – the official register of professional skills of doctors of the Ministry of Health of the Netherlands;
  • Our dental assistants speak Dutch, and as our dentists they continue develop their skills through education courses;
  • We are committed to maintenance policy and quality improvement of care, during which our work is evaluated annually by the Association of Dutch Dentists (ADD);
  • The dental laboratory in Turkey has ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification and works with “semi-finished”, delivered in the Netherlands provided by the material passport with each product;
  • The equipment and materials used in our clinic meet the standards of European quality and are inspected annually by the Dutch Dentists Association (DDA);
  • We follow the program of environmental protection, waste recycling and amalgam filters;
  • Our clinic is affiliated with the Association of Dutch Dentists (ADD) and uses the formal complaints procedure;
  • The annual reports on the quality of work of our clinic are available on request;
  • A patient satisfaction survey is conducted and published on the clinic website;
  • The clinic is accessible for disable people;
  • There is a plan for the evacuation of the clinic with safety instructions, affirmed by the services of the Fire Brigade of the Netherlands;
  • The clinic is equipped with a reliable 3D irradiation scanner;
  • The clinic works according to established policy and protocols.


The dental clinic has dental office and a sterilization room. In this room we work with non-disposable instruments to perform their sterilization as well as prevent infection. During the work we use the automatic termodesinfector and autoclave approved by annually evaluation inspections.


We offer the 3-year guarantee on the treatment and dental reconstructions (crown-ceramics, crown bridges, dentures, implants) provided by our clinic. Implants and accessory materials are guaranteed for 10 years by the manufacturer.
The guarantee is valid in case that the patient follows the prescriptions of the dentist and carries out regular check-ups.
The brochures of the care instructions are available at the clinic.
For the oral health and the maintenance of the treatment results it is important to visits dentist or hygienist every 6 months to identify possible problems and provide timely assistance to the patient.
The guarantee is valid only at our clinic. If you allow another specialist to make corrections without our prior consent, we can’t extend the warranty. In some cases, travel expenses may be reimbursed if we find a mutual agreement.