Crowns and bridges



– Ceramic-metal crown, €170,-
– Ceramic-zirconium crown, €250,-


– Ceramic-metal crown, €330,-
– Ceramic-zirconium crown, €415,-
Crowns and bridges

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a visible part of your tooth. When your tooth is badly damaged, broken, or has changed color, the dentist can restore it by placing an artificial denture – a dental crown. It will cover your real tooth like a hat and gives it the correct shape and the beautiful color.
Thanks to crowns or bridges, our patients can get very esthetic teeth. Nevertheless, we pay your attention that placing crowns or bridges is a difficult process. This type of treatment will require you to make several visits to the clinic.

When the use of crown is needed?
  • Your tooth is badly damaged (for example by decay), and it is impossible to restore it with a help of filling.
  • Your tooth is badly formed or it has changed strongly.
  • Your tooth is fragile because of the devitalization and a big filling.
What is a bridge?

A bridge is a fixed denture composed of two or more ceramic crowns. The bridge is a traditional possibility to connect the two teeth-pillar with one or more hanging crowns called inter-bridge.

When the use of bridge is needed?
  • When you need to normalize the occlusion and chewing process.
  • To improve the aesthetics of your teeth.
  • When your teeth are not aligned properly.
  • To rebuild the teeth by fixed, irremovable solution.
Which materials are used for crowns and bridges?

Ceramic-zirconium crowns
This is the most modern type of crown, which is lighter and more resistant.
Created using high – tech machines for CAD / CAM scanning and cutting, the crowns will be made according to the computer model of your teeth. This type of crowns ensure optimal fit. The ceramic-zirconium crowns are biocompatible and very aesthetic, since the material is slightly transparent and they look like your natural teeth.
This type of crowns is ideal for patients who have allergic reactions to metal.

Ceramic-metal crown
Created from a chromium-cobalt metal base, completely covered with white ceramic, this crowns are the most common type thanks to its good quality / price ratio / aesthetic appearance.
Thanks to the fact that they are very resistant, ceramic-metal crowns are widely used for large bridges or molars where the pressure during chewing is very strong.
It is possible to make the base of precious metals such as gold, titanium or palladium.